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Automobile Accidents

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents can cause severe disruptions to your life.  At Chris Reynolds Law, PLLC, we handle all types of car crash cases where a person has sustained injury due to the negligence of another.  Whether you were in a car and negligently hit by another car, or on a motorcycle it by another vehicle, a pedestrian or bicyclist hit by a vehicle, we assist anyone who was injured on our roadways in pursuing an injury claim against the at-fault party and their insurance company.  We make claims for things such as past medical expenses, future medical expenses, past lost wages, future lost wages, and pain and suffering damages.  Though most cases settle without having to file a lawsuit, we initially take every case and prepare as if it will eventually go to trial.  We believe that by preparing every case thoroughly as if it were going to trial helps us to maximize the settlement value of each case, as well as ensure we are ready to go to trial should our client choose that option.

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