Motorcycle Accidents

 “I didn’t see the biker” is not acceptable excuse from an automobile driver. Excuses that blame the biker for the accident are unacceptable. At C

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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accident cases can be horrific. A vehicle that weighs thousands of pounds versus a fragile human being is not a fair fight.  Given the awful consequences that often

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Experienced Trial Attorney

Most personal injury cases are settled before setting foot in a courthouse. If a settlement can't be reached, unlike most attorneys, Chris has the experience and understanding

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Fighting for you!

The problem with insurance companies is that when you are the claimant in a car accident matter, they are not necessarily on your side. It is the nature of the business that t

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Many tractor-trailer accidents are avoidable when the trucking company and its drivers take the proper precautions.  A  Read More

Results Driven

Awards and accolades might look great hanging on the wall, but when it comes to protecting your health and recovering financial compensation for your injuries success is measu

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